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How much does it cost? £699 per head, this includes most meals, an afternoon canoeing, the Glenelg ferry, all camping and accomadation costs, support vehicles and crew and a tour teeshirt. A £200 deposit is taken at time of booking the the balance of £499 will be due by March 27th

Who can join the tour? Any unicyclist over 18 years old. This is a fully supported tour so nobody will be obligated to ride the whole distance. A limited number of bicyclists will be allowed to join the tour. Non cycling partners are more than welcome to join the tour also, there will be plenty for them to see and do.

What training should I do? You should get yourself to a point where you are comforable spending a total of 5-6hrs a day in the saddle, although we will probably be stopping about every hour to regroup and take a break. Above all else, it would be worth concentrating on hill climbing. The more training you do then the more you will enjoy the tour.

What will the weather be like? The weather in Scotland is notoriously changeable so riders should take clothing for all eventualities, however we would expect the average temperature to be about 12-15c. We are bound to encounter rain at somepoint so a good waterproof jacket is advisable.

What about the food? We are delighted to announce that the catering for the event will be handled by Alison Sykora. She is regarded as one of Scotlands top chefs and has been featured on several cookery shows on TV and has done catering demonstrations at many exhibitions. Alison also caters for racing tall ships and Team Saxo Bank in the Tour de France and so will be well placed to look after our needs.

How hard will it be? The average distance each day will be about 60k, which will be broken down in to 4 roughly equal sections. There will be some quite big climbs, however the will be a support vehicle following at all times. We will be on sealed public roads for the entire tour.

What unicycle should I take? Fixed 36 or geared 29 will be ideal although a fixed 29 or geared 26 would be ok. We will have a limited number of spare unicycles and bikes available. A selection of crank sizes or double hole cranks would be handy.

What safety gear should I take? Helmets are compulsory for all riders, we would also recommend gloves. Mostly we will be keeping to quiet back roads, however we will ocasionally be on main routes so some high visibility gear is recomended.

What will I see on on the tour? Lots of stunning scenery, several castles, the amazing Fairy pools, Talisker Distillary, the Black Isle Brewary, Highland cows, lots of sheep and if we are very lucky Golden eagles and Sea eagles. Skye is about 57degrees North so at that time of year there is almost 24hr day light!

Do I have to stay on the official route? No, there will be options if riders wish to choose a different route. We will address this on the tour.

How fast will we be going? Normally on tour Unicyclists will ride at an average of 10mph, however there will be many stops for photo opportunities so the actual traveling speed will be much lower. We expect to be on the road for about 6hrs each day.

What are midges? One thing that this area is famous for are midges (small biting insect). We have picked a time before the main midge season; however there will probably be some around. The best repellant is “Avon Skin So Soft” and we will have some on hand. It may be advisable to take extra.

We strongly recommend that any participants have an appropriate travel insurance policy for this type of activity.


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